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I have had success wherever I have gone, but also failures that have taught me valuable lessons about being an entrepreneur. Now my mission is a straightforward one, and that is to share my knowledge with the next generation of entrepreneurs and enable them to become the best at what they do.With my book “what not to do” you will get everything you need to start your journey. Entrepreneurship is not a Game of Roulette, it is a passionate endeavor to create value in the market and then sustain that value for the coming years. My book will transform the way you look at entrepreneurship.

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What Not To Do

In Entrepreneurship

This book is not necessarily meant to be read from front to back, as each chapter is a lesson in and of itself, something to learn from mistakes that I have made or witnessed and that are being made repeatedly by others. This is not and should not be about me or my journey. So, I have interviewed dozens of successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs, video-recorded their conversations,edited their guidance,and interlaced their wisdom into the various chapters of this book.

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