Entrepreneurship is not a Game of Roulette

It is a passionate commitment to create value. In today’s world, you as an
Entrepreneur must have, better than a 5% chance of Building a successful Enterprise

The book “What Not To Do in Entrepreneurship” provides the tools, the awareness
and the knowhow to transform probability and the “Art of Success” into the “Science
of Building Wealth”

You will learn how you can change the Golden Rule – The Man with the Gold Rules
or use humor and humility as powerful tools for success. The book shows how to
embrace failures to build success and many more.


Book Overview

Foreword Introduction

Section 1: Author’s Message

Chapter 1

Once Upon A Time … The Beginning

Chapter 2

Why Knowing Wntd Is Even More Important Than Knowing What To Do

Chapter 3

Brief History Of Entrepreneurship

Chapter 4

Statistics Of An Entrepreneurial Business

Chapter 5

A Look At The Typical 7-Year Entrepreneurial Journey

Chapter 6

Top 10 Mistakes In Entrepreneurship

Chapter 7

What Is Wrong With Stories Of Success?

Chapter 8

Interview: Carissa Reiniger

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Book Overview

Foreword Introduction

Section 2: Author’s Summary

Chapter 9

The Universe’s Pie Of Opportunities

Chapter 10

Breaking Down The Elements

Chapter 11

Interview: Prakash Bhalerao

Chapter 12

Understanding The Value Of “Gps”

Chapter 13

The Luck Factor

Chapter 14

Entrepreneurship And The Money Tree

Chapter 15

Grit Vs. Glamour Entrepreneurship

Chapter 16

Interview With Lisa Morris

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Book Overview

Foreword Introduction

Section 3: The What Not To Do’s In Entrepreneurship

Chapter 17

Do Not Work With Strangers As Your Founding Team

Chapter 18

Do Not Try To Swim Up Niagara Falls

Chapter 19

Do Not Constantly Raise Capital

Chapter 20

Do Not Be Penny Wise And Pound Foolish

Chapter 21

Do Not Be A Kid In A Candy Store

Chapter 22

Do Not Sell What You Do Not Have

Chapter 23

Interview With Angela Evans

Chapter 24

Do Not Pass The Buck

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Book Overview

Foreword Introduction

Section 3: The What Not To Do’s In Entrepreneurship

Chapter 25

Do Not Think Global Before Establishing Local Markets

Chapter 26

Do Not Lose Focus From Generating Near-Term Cash Flow

Chapter 27

Do Not Practice Insanity By Doing

Chapter 28

Keeping Your Foothold On Humility

Chapter 29

Integrating Humor As A Business Tool

Chapter 30

Do Not Be Impressed By “C Level”
Executives With No Hands-On Experience

Chapter 31

Do Not Be Your Own Accountant Or Attorney

Chapter 32

Valuing The Need For Infrastructure Scaling

Chapter 33

Do Not Forget Shareholder Returns,
CustomerService & Satisfaction, Management/Employee
Sharing Rewards And Social Responsibility

Chapter 34

Interview With Ankit Agarwal

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Book Overview

Foreword Introduction

Section 4: What To Avoid In Entrepreneurship

Chapter 35

Toxicity In Entrepreneurship

Chapter 36

The Role Of Patience In Entrepreneurship

Chapter 37

Integrity In Entrepreneurship

Chapter 38

Spirituality In Entrepreneurship

Chapter 39

Fear And Its Role In Progress

Chapter 40

Respecting The Competition

Chapter 41

Interview With Barry Kern

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Book Overview

Foreword Introduction

Section 5: The Capital Game

Chapter 42

The Capital Spectrum And Golden Rule

Chapter 43

Venture Capital Vs. Private Equity

Chapter 44

Logical Capital

Chapter 45

Other Non-Controlling Capital Sources

Chapter 46

Risk-Mitigated Execution

Chapter 47

Main Street Vs. Wall Street

Chapter 48

Leveraging In Entrepreneurship And Business

Chapter 49

Interview With Brett Hickey

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Book Overview

Foreword Introduction

Section 6: Helpful Values In business

Chapter 50

The Marble Theory – Getting What You Want

Chapter 51

The Vortex Theory Of Life And Business

Chapter 53

Connecting Dots From Diverse Space Of Business

Chapter 54

Negotiations In Business

Chapter 55

Keep It Simple, Sir (Kiss)

Chapter 56

Guerrilla Marketing (Gm) Understanding And Using It

Chapter 57

Revenue Models

Chapter 58

Interview With Jeff Snyder

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Book Overview

Foreword Introduction

Section 7: The Corporate Game

Chapter 59

Structuring The Company

Part 1: Corporate Structure

Part 2: Board Of Directors And Its Purpose

Chapter 60

The Value Of Corporate Alliances

Chapter 61

The Role Of High-Profile Investors

Chapter 62

Understanding Exits For

Chapter 63

Wntd In Choosing A Business Entity

Chapter 64

Some More Tools In The What Not To Do Toolbox

Chapter 65

Interview With Jay Scott

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Book Overview

Foreword Introduction

Section 8: Transforming Failure Into Success

Chapter 66

Do Not Manage Failures; Leverage And Embrace Them

Chapter 67

Pivoting Is Not A Substitute Expression Of Failure

Chapter 68


Chapter 69

The Elements Of The Periodic Table Of Building Entrepreneurial Businesses

Chapter 70

My Entrepreneurial Brain Scan

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Book Overview

Foreword Introduction

Section 9: Some More Fun And Learning Interviews

Chapter 71

Interview With Dr. Batterjee & Mr. Omar

Interview With Sudhir Kadam

Interview With Peter And Wendy Khuu

Interview With Lisa Kornick

Interview With Cory Oliver

Interview With Blaine Kern (Mr. Mardi Gras)

Interview With Hitesh Doshi

Interview With Paul Leeman

Interview With Vishnuji Manohar


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